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Experienced down-to-Earth Marriage

and Couples Counseling


I've been working with couples for nearly 25 years.


Though I don't believe all relationships are meant to last forever, I think couples should try everything before ending a relationship, and that means trying couples counseling - ideally sooner rather than later. If two people are willing to put some work in and are willing to take responsibility for their part of the problem, we can make some progress.


Just as each individual is unique, every couple has its own dynamic and finds help in different ways.


Some couples need to learn communication skills to reduce misunderstandings, to listen better, or to more assertively speak their minds. For some couples, it’s about expressing the real feelings that are often underneath the anger. For others, help comes from understanding how they’ve been impacted by the families they grew up in. Sometimes, an addiction in one or both partners is what needs to be addressed. 


Often, just being in the safety of the therapy room helps reduce the defensiveness that stops couples from really understanding one another.


I work with couples on a wide range of issues, including: 



Emotional and Physical Infidelity


Premarital Counseling


Sexuality and Affection

Dealing with a Partner’s Mental Illness or Addiction

Making Time for Each Other