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Parents often need parent counseling or parent coaching

Parents often need outside help

  • Are you at a loss on how to motivate your teen or young adult?

  • Are you struggling with having a young adult child back home due to to COVID-19?

  • Are they using drugs or alcohol?

  • Are you sick and tired of all the excuses?

  • Do they shut out when you offer to help?

  • Do you see them hurting and don’t know what to do?

  • Did your parenting techniques seem to be working in the early years and now they don’t?


Parent coaching is designed to take you step by step into becoming an effective parent who sees the bigger picture; who has the confidence to do what’s in your child’s long-term best interest (instead of what feels easier in the moment); who communicates with love and respect, especially in stressful times; and who teaches by example how to successfully do this thing called life.

Whether it’s normal (but aggravating) teenage behavior, or you feel your family is headed toward a cliff, your kids are too important to hope it will just get better on its own.  Let me help you find solutions that work for your family.

One of the most common mistakes I see parents make, especially with teen or young adult children, is not consistently following through with consequences. Or worse, not having consequences. I frequently have parents tell me that their kids continue to engage in bad behavior even though their parents repeatedly tell them not to do them. But telling a child to not do something tends to be meaningless without a consequence attached. It's normal for kids to tune out their parents by the time they enter adolescence, so telling them what to do or not do isn't enough. Talk followed up with consequences - which in the old days we called "punishment" - does work. 

Are Drugs and Alcohol part of the picture?

At this developmental stage, parents often struggle with knowing if or how to intervene in their teen or young adult's use of drugs or alcohol. As a drug and alcohol counselor and psychotherapist, I have expertise in this area. 


You Can Parent Better with Some Outside Guidance

If you are ready to discuss parent coaching, I invite you to call me at 512-590-9868. I look forward to hearing from you.

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